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Embark on a journey to stimulate your senses !

Robert's Sense-ational Cabinet is an installation which invites the player to solve mini-games while calling to his five senses. Reminiscent of an escape game, each mini-game provides you with a clue to go forward in the experience.

Each experience is intended to have to ways of solving the puzzle with different two distinct senses, aiming to provide more options to people with disabilities.

Four mini-games are available in display. Conception documents and photos are available should you want to replicate this experience on your own!

Sight or Touch  - Art Nouveau Stained Glass

Reorder the tiles of an image to get a clue, using a joystick, a button and a vibration motor.

How does it work?  The player can either see the display screen or use the haptic feedback to understand which tile is selected and if it's turned in the correct direction. Once the picture is restored, part of a safe combination is given to the player.

Sight or Hearing - Video Postcards

Identify places and memorize their order to get a clue by watching the video or listening carefully to the ambients associated to each sample.

How does it work? The player is isolated from their environment by placing their head inside a papier mâché helmet and is played the video and sound as if they were in a bubble. The player then has to reorder tiles matching the environment in the correct order on a pannel. Each tiles is engraved a symbol representative of each environment to identify them. Once the correct order is set, another part of a safe combination is given to the player.

The papier mâché helmet - Speakers are put inside to isolate the player from their surroundings

The papier mâché helmet - Speakers are put inside to isolate the player from their surroundings

How we set up this minigame: the helmet is rather light, suspended to a pulley. The speakers inside are connected to the computer at the side. The screen is inside a tunnel and everything is hidden behind a curtain, to allow the player to be immerged in the experience.

When the pieces are set in the right order, the electrical current can travel all the way to the DEL at the end, giving away the combination number

Smell - Fresh Fragrances

Take the time to smell three scents and match them with their twin scent on a panel.

How does it work? The player is placed in front of a panel with three scented fixed pieces aligned on top. They're given three movable pieces with the three scents and have to position them right below the matching smell. Once every pair is set, the last part of the safe combination is given to the player.

Taste - Locked Candy Box

When the player is in possession of each of the three numbers, they're able to enter the combination with potentiometers. They unlock a candybox and the player is rewarded with hypoallergenic candy!

About the project

This installation was designed and created in a week by nine videogame development students during a workshop "Inclusive and Connected".

Early brainstorming sessions

On the front row, our beloved Bob -- "Robert", the balloon who sacrificed himself to build the helmet. Thank you for your service, Bob.

Playtesting and fine-tuning the helmet


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