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Fair warning: we didn't manage to finish the game as we intended. The gameplay loop isn't complete, the audio doesn't work... In short, it's buggy. We're working on making a better version outside of the contest. Thanks for trying it anyway!

This is your pyramid, your very own turf.

Did those peeps really just come out of nowhere thinking they could take over your home? As if.

Standing atop of it, use your ability to rotate the different layers of the pyramid to throw them out before they reach the summit.

Each wave will bring more and more enemies. Keep control over the outbreaks with the special blocks, and spin the invaders around until you're the only one left.

Will the sheer numbers of foes overwhelm you, or can you keep them out of control?

A game developed for the GMTK Jam 2020 in 48h on the theme "OUT OF CONTROL".
Everything was made during the jam except for the characters animations, found on Mixamo.

Team members

Julien Delaunay - Programmer & VFX Artist

Lucas Guibert - Gameplay Programmer

Timothé Garenaux - Game & Level Designer

Chiara Rosmarino - Game & Level Designer

Naomi Roy - 3D Artist

Rauber Matthieu (Blast) - Sound Designer & Composer

Thibaud Ligneul - Manager


PyramidSiege.rar 37 MB
PyramidSiege v1.2.rar 37 MB

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