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For the first time in videogame History, delve into the daily life of one of the most -if not THE most- frightening enemies of the whole humanity.


Furniture's corners.

In I cornered you! A human painball game, you place furniture in a room to make sure your human owner will trip and break a leg or two. Aim for corners to hurt your human while they try to get all the way to the ringing phone, and have them bounce all around the room in pain. So cute! 😵💥

Get your human all the way to the telephone or right through the window to get your score all the way to furniture paradise! 🪑🛏🛋

How to Play?

Left clic to move the furniture around. Use the mouse wheel to rotate it. Let your human in when everything is set up by pressing the green button. 

This game was made by ENJMIN students during the 48-hour jam ENJAM 2020 on the theme "Wait, are we the bad guys?"

We followed some of the challenges proposed by the event:

  • making the color-code mostly yellow 💛
  • tweeting low-quality posts every hour during production 🗯
  • using a power-mode while programming 🎆
  • sharing your lore with another game made during the jam 👩‍👧‍👧

The team

RedSPINE - Game design

Antoine Lima de Carvalho - Game design

Alexandre Charvin - Graphic design

Ida BoccabellaGraphic design

Marc Le Nestour - Sound design & Voice acting

Brice Cornuau- Programming

Ilkalys - Programming

Chiara Rosmarino - Management

Samuel Busson - Voice acting

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsRambar, RedSPINE, Ramo, DaxterOnyx, Allifeur, Alexandre_VS, Ilkalys
Tags2D, Short


I Cornered You ( REVISED ) 28 MB
Jam Version ( BUGGED ) 28 MB


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A very enternaing yet simple game. When you discover the hidden rules and feeback, i can’t help but laugh. A very sadistic pleasure. Thanks to do this original game that outcome our expectations.

I love mom

pretty cool. At first i didn't know how to play this. Maybe you can a tutorial, on how to play this

Like most itch.io jam titles, we haven’t had the time to put it directly in game so we wrote a « how to play » section here, on the game’s page. Hope you had fun :)

The pleasure ist also to discover the machanics i think.