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Today, you woke up with a craving for insects. But not any insects. You venture in those ruins looking for particular specimens, determined to collect them despite the traps all around the place. 💀

As an armadillo, roll around the sublevels of the ruins to find what you're looking for and stomp the ground to break through it! 💥

How to play

Move around

Roll around the level while avoiding spikes and falling boulders. Roll on an insect to take it, and stomp on cracks to access lower levels.  

Collect specific insects

Each time you launch the game, you have a set of 4 insects to collect to complete your collection. The game is won when you have found all 4 insects! 

Heal with any insect

Along the way, you might find other insects not required by your collection. Insects also replenish your lives, so it's not entirely useless to collect an insect even though it's not part of the collection, just to heal back up.


Archeodillo was made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 48 by a core team of 4.   

  Guilhem Pech - Programming (big load)

  Alexandre Charvin - Art and Animations

Chiara Rosmarino - Game & Level Design, Art

Simon Gigant - Composition, Sound Design, Logo Art

 Charline Faure - Key Art


darylwinters-archeodillo-default-windows-desktop-64-bit-4.zip 49 MB

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